Shabisky's Dab Streamer Simulator!
Download and play on your PC or try the new Web Browser Beta version

BROWSER VERSION IS BUGGY, it only exists as a demo, download the desktop version for the proper experience

To Play On Browser: Click to start, you may have to click the black screen to continue.  Loading screen may take time depending on your connection.  

Mouse, touch, and keyboard controls available.  Beta version, needs testing, seems to be a little problematic with the health/food/poop bar NOT appearing in the top left corner.  Download the desktop version for best results.

To Play on Desktop: Most stable version, just Download and unzip file to desired location.  Run Game.exe in Shabisky Show folder. 

Install instructions

To Download: Download the Windows version and unzip the files to a directory of your choice.  Inside the folder you unzipped it to, run Game.exe


Download 253 MB

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